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For directions to our building, please call the rabbi's phone number, or follow the maps on the directions page.

By Phone

Rabbi Tony/Rebbetzin Marilyn Arroyo's phone number:

By Email

In the past we have received a lot of spam from posting our contact information online, due to the "spiders" and "crawlers" which probe the internet harvesting email addresses.  We've tried various methods to get around it, but finally have just decided to turn them into images, which is the "safest" method, although it does mean you will need to type the addresses in yourself.  We hope you won't mind this small inconvenience, and we do thank you for your feedback.

For general questions, comments, and suggestions relating to the website, as well as reporting any broken links or other misc errors, please contact the Webman at:

For everything else related to our congregation, such as our service times, dance teams, dance workshops, community relations, etc, you may contact: